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Welcome to the Photo Gallery by Katja Laute. Enjoy scrolling through the selection of nature, landscape and panorama images below. I also like detail and macro photography. With my photographs I seek to convey the uniqueness of nature and landscapes and I want to inspire to respect, to cherish and to preserve our exceptional nature.

International Awards
Monochrome Photography Awards 2022, Winning image: Dewdrops, Award: Honorable Mention
Monochrome Photography Awards 2021, Winning image: Frozen aesthetic, Award: Honorable Mention
Cewe Photo Contest Årstidene 2019, Winning image: Jordbær-sykkel, Award: 2. Place
Cewe Photo Contest Årstidene 2019, Winning image: Ekorn, Award: 8. Place
EGU Photo Competition 2016, Winning image: Icebound blades of grass, Award: 4. Place
EGU Photo Competition 2010, Winning image: Transition from Ice to Water, Award: 4. Place

I offer high quality images for commercial and personal use. A selection of my images is available for purchase at alamy and can be found on my alamy portfolio page. High quality prints can be purchased from the photographer Katja Laute directly. Please contact Katja Laute for more information.

Latest selection of images

Henrike Stein is acknowledged for designing the Nature & Detail Photography logo.

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