Geomorphological Research Group of Norway / Geomorfologisk Forsknings Gruppe i Norge (GeoNor, IAG National Scientific Member)

Purpose, organisation and key activities of GeoNor

The National Norwegian Geomorphology Group (IAG GeoNor, approved as National Scientific Member of IAG in September 2019) increases the national and international visibility of Norwegian geomorphology and stimulates the active communication, collaboration and exchange between senior and early career scientists from geomorphology and from other bio-geophysical and engineering disciplines working at different universities, research institutes and companies in Norway. In addition, GeoNor shall serve as a catalyst for the development of international scientific contacts and collaborations for Norwegian senior and early career scientists. GeoNor shall significantly reach out internationally by being closely linked with the four other Nordic geomorphology groups/communities from Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, and by showing appreciation for the geomorphological research achievements and the published scientific work of international colleagues that have carried out relevant geomorphological research in Norway. As an active National Scientific Member of the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG), GeoNor is part of a global network of senior and young geomorphology groups and communities. GeoNor is initiated and headed by Dr. Achim A. Beylich and is initially run by an efficient core group of scientists: Dr. Achim A. Beylich (Chair), Dr. Katja Laute (Secretary), Professor Dieu Tien Bui (Representative for GeoNor members at Norwegian universities and additional Norwegian representative within GeoNorth), Dr. Benjamin Bellwald (Representative for GeoNor members at Norwegian research institutes and companies (others than universities), and communication between the national geology/Quaternary geology, geography and cryospheric sciences communities in Norway), Professor Nils Rüther (Representative for GeoNor members at Norwegian universities), Professor Stefan Winkler (Representative for GeoNor members from outside Norway).

Concrete activities of GeoNor include

  • An active and frequently updated website which serves as relevant information and communication platform for senior and early career scientists.
  • The compilation and email distribution of a bi-annual newsletter. National and international colleagues are invited to submit contributions to the newsletter (e.g., information on research projects, training courses, workshops and seminars, exchange opportunities, etc.).
  • The organisation of scientific meetings at varying field locations. At the varying meeting locations relevant ongoing research projects are presented and discussed within the group. The meetings include scientific presentations from senior and early career scientists, extended scientific discussions, field excursions, and training courses for early career scientists. To each meeting at least one senior and one early career representative of other Nordic geomorphology groups/communities and at least one international colleague (from outside the Nordic countries) with relevant published contributions on the geomorphology of Norway are invited. The first GeoNor and GeoNorth joint conference (virtual conference) was held 1-2 October 2020.

GeoNor core members

Dr. Achim A. Beylich, Geomorphological Field Laboratory (GFL), Strandvegen 484, 7584 Selbustrand, Norway; Email:
Chair of GeoNor

Dr. Katja Laute, Geomorphological Field Laboratory (GFL), Selbustrand, Norway; Email:
Secretary of GeoNor

Professor Dieu Tien Bui, University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), GIS Group, Bø i Telemark, Norway

Dr. Benjamin Bellwald, Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research (VBPR) AS, Oslo Science Park, Oslo, Norway

Professor Nils Rüther, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway

Professor Stefan Winkler, Institute for Geography and Geology, University of Würzburg, Germany

National and international colleagues that are invited for being included in the GeoNor mailing list. These colleagues will receive the GeoNor newsletter and will be invited to GeoNor and GeoNorth meetings through the GeoNor mailing list

The mailing list includes senior and early career colleagues that work on geomorphology and/or closely related fields at Norwegian universities or/and Norwegian research institutes or companies. In addition, the mailing list includes the representatives of the four other Nordic geomorphology groups/communities and international colleagues that have carried out relevant geomorphological research in Norway and have contributed with published work on the geomorphology of Norway. The mailing list is just preliminary and will be extended. We have compiled the list based on our knowledge about existing colleagues. Invited colleagues of the mailing list are asked to forward messages sent through the mailing list to any colleagues that might be interested to join GeoNor, GeoNor activities and the GeoNor mailing list.

34th Nordic Geological Winter Meeting 2020, 8-10 January, Oslo, Norway

First IAG GeoNorth and IAG GeoNor Conference (Virtual Conference), 1-2 October 2020. First Circular (15 March 2020), Second Circular (16 June 2020), Volume of Abstracts, Scientific conference report

Second IAG GeoNorth and GeoNor Conference (Virtual Conference), 30 September-1 October 2021. First Circular (30 June 2021)

IAG GeoNorth and GeoNor business meetings
28 May 2020 (virtual meeting) Meeting summary report
2 October 2020 (virtual meeting) Meeting summary report
9 February 2021 (virtual meeting) Meeting summary report
15 April 2021, 1 June 2021 (virtual meetings) Meetings summary report

Call for Young Geomorphologists National Representatives (16 June 2020)

IAG GeoNorth and GeoNor Newsletter 1/2020 (June)
IAG GeoNorth and GeoNor Newsletter 2/2020 (December)

IAG GeoNorth and GeoNor Newsletter 1/2021 (June)

Outreach and publications
IAG GeoNor poster

Beylich, A.A.& K. Laute (Eds.) (2020): First IAG GeoNorth and IAG GeoNor Conference: Geomorphology and Geomorphological Research in the Nordic Countries. GFL Geomorphological Field Laboratory Publication Series, Number 2, October 2020, 43pp.
Beylich, A.A. (Ed.) (2021). Landscapes and Landforms of Norway. Springer Book Series on World Geomorphological Landscapes. Springer. Book Flyer

Relevant weblinks
International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG)
GeoNorth (external website)
Geographical Society of Norway (NGS)
Geological Society of Norway (NGF)

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