Our Popular Science Services

Based on our scientific core competence and long scientific work experience we offer qualified popular geo-scientific field excursions, public lectures and workshops on geomorphic earth surface processes, soil erosion, hazardous processes, and landscape development and understanding in our focus field regions in Norway and Spain (Location map of our offices and field sites).  It is our intention to create an increased awareness of the beauty, complexity and vulnerability of both undisturbed and anthropogenically modified landscapes, and of the growing importance of reliable geo-hazard risk estimations, efficient environmental protection and improved sustainable treatments under ongoing or accelerated climate change and increasing anthropogenic impacts and pressures. In addition, we provide related popular geo-scientific information material, documentations and publications to national and international tourists and to the interested public.

For further information on our offered popular science services and for any questions and inquiries please contact Dr. Achim A. Beylich (Head of operations at GFL). We are a member of Næringsforeningen i Trondheimsregionen (NiT) and Næringsforeningen i Værnesregionen (NiV).

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