Current GFL Research Projects

SediSource – Nordfjord (GFL)
Sediment source fingerprinting investigations for additional analyses of drainage basin erosion dynamics in the partly glacierized inner Nordfjord, western Norway (2014 – 2024)

DenuMountChange – Dovrefjell-Oppdal (GFL)
Morphoclimate, sediment sources, sediment (dis)connectivity, and drivers, spatiotemporal variability and quantitative rates of solute and sedimentary fluxes, denudation and sediment export under ongoing climate change in the mountainous upper Driva drainage basin system, central Norway (2012 – 2024)

DenuMed – Costa Blanca (GFL)
Morphoclimate, sediment sources, sediment storage, sediment (dis)connectivity, and drivers, spatiotemporal variability, quantitative rates and hazardous potential of land-to-ocean water, solute and sedimentary fluxes and denudation in the Mediterranean Calpe region, eastern Spain (2018 – 2024)

ChannelFluCut – Austfirðir (GFL)
Hillslope – stream channel (dis)connectivity, sedimentary source-to-sink fluxes, fluvial down-cutting and longitudinal profile development in bedrock stream channels in the fjord landscape of eastern Iceland (Austfirðir) (2018 – )

WoodChannelInteract (GFL)
The role of vegetation and wood for the morphodynamics, in-channel sediment storage and sediment transport of a small boreal stream channel system (GFL field test site Sandviksgjerde, Selbustrand, central Norway) (2020 – 2025)

DenuBoreal – Selbusjøen (GFL)
Drivers, spatiotemporal variability and quantitative rates of chemical and mechanical fluvial denudation and sedimentary source-to-sink fluxes in the boreal drainage basin area of Selbusjøen, central Norway (GFL, 2020 – 2025)

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